Why Medical Conferences Are Important for Medicine Students


Expert Author Vamsi Korrapati

A medical student studies and practices that which is prescribed in a predefined curriculum. Every year expert faculty who design the course alter the curriculum according to the latest developments. However, since the scope of interaction for a medical student is very restricted (classroom, faculty, hospital), it is hard to gain good exposure and learn about the latest developments in medicine and develop their skills according to the changing trends.

Medical conferences are academic events aimed at enhancing medical knowledge in professionals and students alike. Essentially, these events keep attendees updated on the trends and developments in the field of medicine. There are many benefits to attend medical events as a medical student.

1. Medical conferences provide a platform for interacting with people outside the university and hospital. Through these interactions you can ask experienced medical professionals questions relevant to their field of interest in a much relaxed sitting. It is great opportunity to gain career advice, insights into a physician’s career, and also learn from their work.

2. You also have the opportunity of presenting your own research at medical conferences. It lets you communicate what you know to other people in your field and also gain more insight through their suggestions and ideas on the same. Moreover, by assuming the role of a speaker, you will also be in a position to answer some of their questions and validate your research paving your way towards professional growth.

3. Workshops and practical events provide you additional experience in your field of interest giving you an edge over your peers. You can the attend tutorials and demo sessions that teach you practical and procedural skills which will be quintessential for a physician by the time you begin your practice.

4. Remember that you will get to see, meet, talk to or at least shake hands with your role models in the industry. As speakers for the session, their mere presence will give you the driving force necessary to push harder and excel.

5. It is never too early to start earning CME. These events help you gain advanced knowledge and expertise in specific disciplines while also polishing your resume for a great profession.

6. Last but most importantly, you get to travel to various cities during your course. In addition to the educational experience you can tour many cities and states in the country enjoying everything they have to offer.

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