The Human Adventure Corporation

The Human Adventure Corporation is a nonprofit organization, with a 501(c)(3) entitlement. It carries out the public activities of the Communion and Liberation Movement (CL). It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. These public purposes include promoting the advancement and application of knowledge as regards the fundamental needs of man, both physically related and spiritually related, engaging in scientific research and development directed towards furthering those purposes, and educating, training and assisting persons and groups in furtherance of those purposes. Through support and development of the annual MedConference, The Human Adventure Corporation hopes to foster a place of dialogue for health care professionals seeking for a more person-oriented health care.

Crossroads Cultural Center

What characterizes Crossroads Cultural Center is a profound interest and passion for what is human, the desire to encounter people and to look for, and give value to, everything that is true, good and worthy of praise in all the expressions of human life. Therefore it sponsors conferences and meetings which highlight the importance of engaging in current events while insisting on preserving a human perspective on every topic. In the field of medicine Crossroads Cultural Center is interested in understanding the new developments in scientific and clinical research, while at the same time focusing on the importance of educating, training and assisting people who are interested in the human aspect of the world of medicine.

Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the tradition of the caring doctor by emphasizing the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient. Their objective is to help physicians-in-training unite the old and the new, becoming doctors who combine the high tech skills of cutting edge medical science and technology with the high touch skills of communication, empathy and compassion. Their inspiration emanates from the leadership of Dr. Arnold P. Gold, the founder, role-model physician, mentor and guiding force of their work. Arnold’s vision places people and relationships at the center of every healthcare interaction.

Scholarship “Angelina Maria Gardner”

Angelina Maria Gardner ― Ang as she was called by her father ― was born on November 30, 2008 at 10:20 am. At the time of her birth she weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and measured 19 inches. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. She cried only once before being kissed by her mother and never made another sound afterwards. She died from uncorrected Transposition of the Great Arteries on November 30, 2008 at approximately 1:35 pm. At the time of her death she was en route to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia-Presbyterian for emergency surgery.

This scholarship was established to perpetuate Angelina’s memory and impress upon others the need to adopt the “Golden Rule” as the controlling mantra in even the most seemingly routine of situations. It is our hope that Angelina’s short life will be able to inspire health care professionals and medical/nursing students. We believe that through the “art of healing” and the “science of healing” patients and their families will be better able to deal with their own unique circumstances. In many cases it will require patience beyond what one is prepared to give; in other cases it will necessitate a giving of the self in ways that makes one uncomfortable. In all cases it will result in the creation of a connection that will effectuate the “cure” that a patient is really in need of.

Medicine and the Person

Medicine and the Person, founded in Milan in 1999, is a free association of health care professionals and focuses on the central role of the person in health care.

Its main interests includes affirming the original nature of the health care profession, which is a personal, free, and responsible answer to the need of a person who is afflicted by a sickness. Medicine and the Person fosters cultural initiatives with both human and professional meaning, distinguished by a passion for a true human experience.

Cesare Zorzoli Donation

The donation in memory of Dr. Cesare Zorzoli is born from the initiative of his family and friends to help support those projects which understand that the medical profession is not a pure technical field, but perceive it as a companionship to the patient towards his or her destiny. Such a human perspective for the medical field is only possible if the deep questions that arise in a patient, when they are initially diagnosed with a condition, regarding their suffering or even their joy if they were to be cured, are taken seriously. This is the way that Cesare Zorzoli lived his medical profession as a surgeon for 35 years and the way he faced peacefully his own illness which led to his passing on December 31st 2009.